Moondance Spa Essentials

Pamper Yourself

Moondance Spa Essentials is a family-owned business committed to self-care. All of our products are hand-crafted with the finest natural ingredients. Indulge yourself in our exclusive Sea Salt Exfoliating Scrub and see the difference in your skin after one use. Infused with completely natural essential oils, our self-care line is free of preservatives and harsh additives.

Simply apply a small amount to hands, feet, elbows, or anywhere you desire soft and supple skin. Rinse with warm water....and enjoy! You will instantly notice what we call the "WOW" factor instantly. You'll feel ultra-luxurious and an unbelieving feeling of silkiness that lasts for up to 3 days.


Treat yourself to the most nourishing salt scrub on the market. Natural scrubs are proven to soften and revitalize skin leaving behind a healthy glow. Salt scrubs work by removing dead skin cells so your skin can more fully absorb moisture. Nutrient-dense ingredients like essential oils help to revitalize and soften skin during exfoliation. Indulge yourself after a warm bath or shower several times a week or as much as you like!

Nourish your skin - glowing woman after exfoliation treatment

The Ingredients

The secret to our scrub lies in the raw natural ingredients. We've done the research and formed the perfect blend that provides a restorative, soothing result on the skin.
Sea salts
Grapeseed oils

Apricot kernel
Tea tree oil


wholesale labels

Wholesale Opportunities

If you love our salt scrubs as much as we do then we encourage you to explore wholesale opportunities with us! Perfect for salon-owners and beauticians, share this exclusive salt scrub line with your customer base. We even offer private label services so you can brand your way. Learn more about wholesale options by clicking the link below or contact us at (636) 208-6293.